In Enhanced Revenue Batch, Boolean Revenue Attribute fields that were able to be left blank in 2.91 throw an exception error in 4.0

Revenue attributes can be configured to have a yes/no choice.  In batch, you can choose either option or leave the field blank.  In this case, pre-existing attributes, when the environment is upgraded to version 4.0, no longer allow the field to remain blank.  If left blank, the batch has an exception error indicating these fields need to be populated.
  1. Open the batch template
  2. Select the drop-down for the specific attribute
  3. Select the first blank value in the drop-down
  4. Save the batch template

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Revenue functional area
  2. Select Add
  3. Chose an Enhanced Revenue Batch and with Boolean Revenue Attribute fields
  4. Save
  5. Enter a Constituent in the batch
  6. Tab through fields to enter Date, Amount, Designation
  7. Special Handling and Share Donor’s info are attributes – do not enter anything in these fields
  8. Validate
  9. Observer error: “Please inter a valid [attribute name]"


 Blackbaud CRM

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