How do I output Pledge Schedule Status?

I cannot find the right output field that corresponds with the Pledge Schedule Status that I see on the Installment Maintenance screen, Schedule tab. I have tried all the Pledge related status fields, but the correct field cannot be found.
This is a bug, BG 2424277, and will be fixed in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to re-create:

1)         Create a new output in User-Defined Output Entry of the Pledge Schedules output type.
2)         Select the fields LOV and add any fields that suggest pledge schedule status.
3)         Click the View Sql button to confirm that the Pledge Schedule Status field is not selected from V_QO_PLEDGE_SCHEDULE.  Alternatively, you can run the output and compare the values in the resulting file to those visible in the application.


 Team Approach

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