To set up a school store, a Store Manager will go to:
  1. School Website 
  2. Content
  3. Store
  4. Categories
Here your school can add as many categories as you want. These are general categories for your constituents to choose from (i.e. jackets, memorabilia, etc.)
  1. Manage Store Catalog
Here is where you will add the actual products.
  1. Click Add
  2. Choose the name, category, gender, price, if this is pickup only, and description of the item.
Now a Page Manager will add the store catalog widget to a page by going to:
  1. School Website > Website Management > Websites
  2. Click the three dot icon next to a website and click Edit Website
  3. Pages & Menus
From here you can add it to an existing page or create a new page.
If it is an existing page, you will click the wrench and Edit Page Content.

Now you will just drag over the widget Store Catalog. You will need to click on the Gear Icon to select the categories that you created. You will need at least one category marked off for the Store Catalog to appear on the website. You can style this page as well by clicking the Paintbrush icon and adding other styles.