In the example below, "Waiver" was added as a transfer grade in Tri I. You can make "Waiver" under the column titled Tri I.
User-added image

To make a transfer grade to the same column as other term grades:

  1. Go to Academics > Grades > Grades Management
  2. Click Enter grades by student
  3. Look up the student using the filter
  4. Click View for Grades & Credits - Transfer.
  5. Edit the course
  6. Move the grades from the column they are in to the 1st Trimester column.User-added image
  7. Go to Academics > Grades > Transcripts setup.
  8. Edit the transcript.
  9. Click School Years.
  10. Edit the School Year the grade is in.
  11. Note the spelling of the Label for Tri I.User-added image
  12. Make sure the spelling of the Tri I transfer grade match the spelling of the term grade.User-added image
  13. If there are two grade columns in the regular grades area then make sure there are two grade columns in the transfer grades area in the same order that they appear in regular grades.