How to install a printer driver

A printer driver is a software component that translates printing requests into printer-specific commands. You may need to install a new printer driver to resolve issues such as slow performance, error messages, field truncation, or if your document is printing in the wrong format.

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Windows 7

Windows 8: Please review the following 3rd party resources


  1. Click the Apple icon (upper right corner).
  2. Choose System Preferences and then click Print & Fax.
  3. Select your desired printer in the "Printers" menu on the left-side menu.
  4. Click Options & Supplies and then choose the Driver option.
  5. Select your desired Driver from the "Print Using:" drop down and click OK to save your selection.
Note: If you have been unsuccessful printing with your default printer driver in Blackbaud Hosting Services please select the "Generic Post Script Driver" from the driver selection


  • Blackbaud recommends using PS drivers instead of PCL drivers.
  • Our system requirements are the primary information source for compatibility information with Blackbaud software. We do not test all third-party products with our software. We consider our access to each product, its usage by our customers, and the most current release when we plan our testing. Information updated after each product's release date is available in Knowledgebase.
  • You may need administrative privileges to make these changes. Please check with your system administrator.
  • For more information on available printer drivers, refer to the printer manufacturer's website:


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