How do bounced emails and opt outs in Online Express show up in Raiser's Edge?

In Online Express email statistics, information about hard bounces, soft bounces, and opt-outs is recorded. How will this affect Raiser's Edge records and future email blasts sent from Online Express?
When an email bounces, Online Express currently takes no action in Raiser's Edge. Management of bounces occurs within Online Express itself:
  • Hard bounce emails will be removed from all future Online Express email jobs, so users do not have to worry about sending future emails to hard-bounced recipients.
  • Soft bounce emails will not be removed from all future Online Express email jobs.
To determine which emails are hard or soft bounced, users can compare the Unsubscribe email list and the bounces in the email stats.
  • Unusable email list includes Hard Bounces and Opt Outs
  • “Bounced” list on the email stats screen are both Hard and Soft.

When a constituent opts out (unsubscribes) of an email blast, the opt-out is indicated in the response to the Appeal on the Constituent's record when email stats from Online Express are added to Constituent records:
  • The Do Not Contact (DNC) flag is NOT marked on the phone/email record by Online Express in The Raiser's Edge.
  • The Requests no email box on the Bio1/Org1 tab is NOT marked. This is because a constituent might opt-out of mass marketing, but still want to receive other emails from the organization.

Note: Out of office replies do not count as either bounces or opt outs.


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