Why did the GET job not find a Sphere export file?

The GET process may fail to find a file on the Sphere side to FTP to Team Approach (TA). A warning email like this would be received:
This is a message from sphere_sync_get_v2.1.sh.
The file sp-to-ta.MM_YYYY_DD.HH.MM.SS.zip did not exist in <filepath> 
at the time of this script running on the Kintera FTP website.  
No file has been placed in <filepath>.
The the name and locations of log file created for this script is <filepath>
There are three potential causes of this issue:
  1. A file was not sent to Sphere from TA. The Sphere export is triggered after receiving an import file from TA. Check that a file was produced and successfully transferred to Sphere.
  2. The PUT process to send the file to Sphere was delayed, so the export is not finished when the GET process runs to get the next file. Rerunning the GET later in the day should get the file.
  3. If neither of the above are the case, it is likely that the Sphere export failed due to a timeout after too many records were updated on the Sphere side. Contact Support for assistance.



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