The order of how the Grades appear in Manage Grades is controlled by the Grade Plan Due Date. For example If you change the Grade Plan due date from 5/29/2015 to 5/28/2015 it bumps it up in the Manage Grades screen. The other thing you could do is make the Grade Plan that should be last, a due date a day later so in the same example above 5/30/2015 versus 5/29/2015 and that will do the same thing.

To change this navigate to:
  1. Academics, select Grades, then Grading Setup 
  2. Select School Year Setup 
  3. Select the appropriate Year, Group Type, Level, and Grade Plan Group > Click View 
  4. Click View on the Grade plan
  5. Click Edit 
  6. Change the due dates of the Grade Plans you would like to display differently