To remove the dropped enrollment

  1. Go to Academics 
  2. Search for the user using People Finder> Open the user 
  3. Click on Enrollments 
  4. Click Manage 
  5. Locate the course > Click the Plus sign to re-enroll the user
  6. Click edit
  7. Enter in the preferred Drop/Change Date AND Mark Scheduling Error

To remove Course Requests:
  1. Navigate to Academics
  2. Scheduling > Click Request and Schedules 
  3. Click Approve Request
  4. Filter on the appropriate School Year and the following statuses :
    • Status: Awaiting Enrollment
    • Term: Select the appropriate term
    • Grade: Incoming Student
  5. Locate the user in the list > Click the pencil icon to edit the course request for the student 
  6. Click the trash can icon (if the icon is a lock, that mean the user still has an enrollment for the course that has to be removed with the first set of steps)
Once Course Requests have been removed, the Past Candidate role will be available when withdrawing the Incoming Student.

For information on how to withdraw enrollment for an Incoming Student that will not be going to your school, please click here.