To remove the Dropped Enrollment, re enroll the user back into the course via onCampus > People > Academics > Manage Enrollment  enroll them back into the course, and then drop them using Scheduling Error.

To remove Course Requests:
  1. Navigate to onRecord.
  2. Select Approval > Course Requests > Enrollment Work List.
  3. Filter for:
    • Status: Awaiting Enrollment
    • Term: Select the appropriate term
    • Grade: Incoming Student
  4. Locate the user, and click Approved.
  5. Un-check all Approved courses.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Go to the Enrollment Work List (onRecord > Approval > Course Reqeusts > Enrollment Work List).
  8. Filter for:
    • Status: Awaiting Approval
    • Term: Select the appropriate term
    • Grade: Incoming Student
  9. Locate the user, and click Requests.
  10. Un-check all course requests.
  11. Click Save.
Once Course Requests have been removed, the Past Candidate role will be available when withdrawing the Incoming Student.

For information on how to withdraw enrollment for an Incoming Student that will not be going to your school, please click here.