If your photo files are different sizes, the photos will appear larger or smaller for each Resource Board item.
Example: a photo that is 340x400 will appear more rectangular (taller), and a photo that is 600x400 will appear more square (shorter). This will result in the variation of photo sizes on the Resource Board.

A standard size for resource board photos is 600x400, where pixel size is displayed as width x height.  To check the size of your photo on Windows:
  1. Browse to the saved photo
  2. Right-click and select Properties > Details
From there you can resize photos to make them all uniform sizes for a more consistent display.

To check and edit the size of the resource board images on a mac:
  1. Go to Applications folder and open Preview
  2. Select File > Open
  3. Select the image to resize and click Open
  4. In the Menu Bar, select Tools > Adjust Size
  5. Edit the resolution and click OK
  6. Select File > Save As... to save the resized image