Updating Primary email address in BBECRM doesn't update dbo.clientusers (BBIS Primary Email Address)

After updating the Primary Email Address in Blackbaud CRM, the linked User record Primary Email Address in Blackbaud Internet Solutions does not automatically get updated. The table that should be updated is the dbo.clientusers. When the Primary Email Address is updated in BBECRM and the Forgotten Password utility is attempted in BBIS, the new password is not recognized as a valid email address.
We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Access any linked Constituent record in CRM with a BBIS user’s record
  2. Add a new email address under Contact\Email Address
  3. Set the new email address as Primary
  4. Access your BBIS User Login page and select the "Forgotten Password" link
  5. Type in the new primary email address you added in step 2
Note: You should receive an error message stating the email address is not valid
  1. Log into BBIS as a supervisor
  2. Find the BBIS User’s record under Users
  3. Click the edit button then click Save
  4. Logout of BBIS
  5. Go back to your BBIS User login page and select the "Forgotten Password" link
  6. Type in the new primary email address you added in step 2 again
  7. It should send you a forgotten password email link successfully since it update dbo.clientusers.email after you edited/saved the User record


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