To upload a video to a landing page in onMessage:
  1. Go to School Website > Website Management > Websites > Edit Website 
  2. Select Edit Page Content in the drop downLanding Page
  3. From the Content Types drag Video into the page where you would like to place it Content Types
  4. If the video has already been uploaded to School Website > Content: Select the drop down menu in the video channel that has been dragged into the page and choose a video category to select the video(s), or type the category title into the search. 
    • Note: Videos that are not being used can be deleted, but will be removed forever from the video content category.
    • Video Content Drop Down
  5. To add a new video to the video channel, click the drop down and select + Create New > add Description > select whether to Include album descriptions for video items > set the Access > mark the Video Information to allow > Save & CloseCreate new category​​​
  6. Next in the video channel select +Add > add Album Title > drag or select video from the computer > set Publish & Expire Dates > Add to Page Content > Add more if needed > select Primary radio button for the primary page content > Save or Save & Add AnotherAdd video
  7. Select Apply Changes
  8. Select View Page to be sure the video is appearing as intended.