To resolve marking period issues and process a Gradebook rollover:
  1. Go to Core > System Tools > Master Rollover
  2. Select Filter Options for the appropriate yearsSelect Filter Options
  3. After selecting Run in the Gradebook section, if the marking periods do not match from year to year, an error will generate stating "Rolling over marking periods will result in marking periods outside the range of the term being rolled over to. Please adjust the new term dates, or enter new marking periods manually."Run Grade Book
  4. To correct the marking period there are two choices:
    1. To change the marking period dates for the prior year to match the upcoming year marking period dates:  
      1. Go to Academics > Grading > Grading Setup > Gradebook Settings
      2. Under Marking Periods and Grade Access Filter on the prior school year
      3. Select the appropriate School Level
      4. Edit the dates of each marking period so they match the set up for the upcoming year exactly.
    2. To change the marking period for the upcoming year to match the prior year marking period: 
      1. Go to Core > Settings > School Information 
      2. Change the Begin Date and End Date for each semesterYears & Terms
  5. Once the upcoming year marking period dates and the prior marking period dates match exactly, go back to Core > System Tools > Master Rollover and Run the Gradebook rollover.