Recurring gift section shows $0 monthly gift amount when no suggested amounts are used in OLX donation form

In setting up a donation form and using the recurring gift option on the Extras tab in Online Express, the form's confirmation appears as "Your first gift <amount> will occur on <date>." If no suggested amounts are present on the form, then the first gift confirmation shows $0.00, even if an amount is entered in the Amount field.
This issue was resolved in the June 30, 2015 Online Express update 

Steps to Duplicate

In The Raiser's Edge with Online Express present:
  1. Edit / create a donation form in Online Express in The Raiser's Edge
  2. Go to the 2. Extras tab of the form set-up:
  3. Under "Set up suggested gift amounts", remove all suggested gift amounts by clicking remove on far right.
  4. Under "Set up suggested gift amounts", mark Allow other gift amounts.
  5. Under "Do you want to allow recurring gifts?", mark Include the monthly gift option. Set the desired option.
  6. Complete setting up the form.
  7. Click Save and Close to save the form/changes.
  8. Back in Online Express, find the form and click Preview beside it.
  9. In the form preview, enter an amount and mark Make this a monthly gift. The confirmation will read "Gifts are processed (selected detail from form). Your first gift of $0.00 will occur on (date)."
  10. Publish the form to a web page and repeat step ##. Same $0.00 will occur.



 Blackbaud Online Express

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