If you want to Import Teachers, Blocks, and Room Names you will want to include this information in the original Data Import File. If you do a Academic Section Import and forgot to add in Teachers, Blocks, Room Names then you will have to input this information manually. Please see File Layout Help for Column Names accepted in the Data Import File located via:
  1. Core
  2. System Tools
  3. Data Import
  4. Create Import Job
  5. Academic Groups category
  6. Academic Section Import type
  7. File Layout Help
A Data Import is a bulk insert of new items only. Including existing items in your Data Import file will create duplicates that you will have to manually delete online.  (you cannot un-do a data import at this time.) 

Ensure the information you are importing is correct as if it is not you will have to manually delete everything, create a new file, and resubmit a new Data Import. The best practice is to always data import 5 records to see what it will do and if something is incorrect its only 5 things to manually delete or change.

If you are getting Academic Section Imports failing, check the failed file for the error message. Anything within the parentisis is the reason the file is failing. To see why something is failing I refer to the File Layout Help and check the Detailed View to see what Columns require what items. All Items in Bold on the File Layout Help are required fields. Sometimes the required fields require very specific information. To see what this information is, navigate to:
  1. Core
  2. System Tools
  3. Data Import
  4. Create import Job
  5. Find the Name of the Data Import you are working with
  6. Click File Layout Help 
  7. Click Detailed View next to the Scheme you are using to Import the file User-added image
This provides specific information that these fields require
Here is a example:
User-added image