To set password parameters:

1. Navigate to Core > Security > Authentication Settings > Password Parameters
2. Select the roles for which you would like to set parameters
3. Click Set Parameter
4. Set the following parameters

  • Length: required number of characters in the password.
  • Numbers: required number of integers in the the word.
  • Frequency of Change: how often the password must be changed. (Enter 0 if you do not want to require users to change their password).
  • Change Notification: the number of days before a password expires that a user will receive a message indicating that the password needs to be changed.
  • Password Reuse: the number of previous passwords that cannot be used when setting a new password.
  • Mark for Removal: use this option to remove a previously selected role. The role will be removed from the list after clicking Save & Exit.

 All changes will take effect immediately on saving.
 When using LDAP, password parameters do not apply.
 For PCI compliance, users with access to credit card data will automatically inherit password parameters.
 Users who are members of multiple roles with varying password parameters, the strongest combination of password parameters is used.

5. When finished, click Save & Exit