This can be corrected by editing the enrollment rows:
  1. Core > People Finder > Search Students Names
  2. Click on the Access tab. 
  3. In the Personas Section click the Edit Pencil on the left. 
  4. Select Edit school enrollment
  5. Edit Enrollment Row
  6. Click Save
Or this can be corrected by withdrawing the student and then re-enrolling him or her into the correct academic year and grade level:
  1. Core > Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data
  2. Search for student
  3. Under System Information click Student Enrollment.
  4. In Student Enrollment, click on Withdraw.
  5. Mark the radio button, Effective Immediately, select the first school year in the list, enter the Depart Date, and mark the radio button for Past Student.
  6. Click Save & Exit.
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. Go back into Student Enrollment and click Edit for remaining grade level student enrollment row.
  9. Click Delete and then click Confirm.
  10. Click Enroll in School button.
  11. Enter original Enroll Date, correct entering School Year and correct Grade Level. Note: Leave the Include Future Enrollments box checkbox as marked.
  12. Click Save & Exit.