Users can adjust recognition credits in revenue update batch when they do not have permission to the Revenue Recognition Edit Form

Permissions can be removed for the Revenue Recognition Edit Form.  This appears to remove the ability to adjust recognition credits when entering payments manually.  However, this doesn't appear to remove the button or prevent access to changing recognition credits in revenue update batch.  There doesn't appear to be another permission that can be removed to block this ability in batch.
They application makes the assumption that users who have permissions to work within the batch should have permissions to modify and work with all functionality within said batch.  This is supported by the aspect of granting permission to batch types in a system role by clicking the 'Assign Administrative Permissions'.  The specific feature permission is used to grant rights on the individual forms when entering data manually via the one off forms.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration > Security > System Roles
2. Select an All-rights Role and Copy it
3. Choose the role the created > Select the Features tab > Assign feature permissions
4. Go to the folder Constituent\Recognition Credits
5. Remove access to the Revenue Recognition Credit Edit Form
6. Assign this role to a non-admin user
7. Log in with this user
9. Go to Revenue and Add a payment
10. You are unable to edit recognition
11. Close the payment > Go to Batch Entry
12. Add a Revenue Update batch
13. Look up a payment the batch row.
14. With the payment selected click the recognition button
15. You are able to edit the recognition credits


 Blackbaud CRM

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