Please read ALL NOTES before making DNS changes:

If Blackbaud K-12 hosts your DNS, we can make the required DNS changes to launch the site externally. You will still need to make internal DNS changes for your site to be available from within your school network. Steps for making the DNS changes using our DNS Toolbox are below.

Example DNS Changes:

This is an example of how the DNS should be set up. There are some caveats for changing Internal DNS records as opposed to Public/External DNS records so please read through all the steps before making changes. If you are unsure about anything, we recommend contacting support. IN A IN CNAME

To find your "schoolNAME" go to and enter the URL of your staging domain as depicted. Use the Canonical Name Value for your CNAME record. It is specific to your school. 

User-added image

Internal DNS Changes: To be made on launch day

  • Please do not change the internal root domain IP if it is used for Active Directory. If it is used in that capacity, just make the CNAME change.
  • The www record should only have the CNAME, DO NOT add to the www record, or you will take your site down.
  • There will be no IP address record for the www record, just the CNAME.
  • If your new site URL should be accessible using a subdomain only, for example (, you only need to create a CNAME record.

The DNS changes must be made above exactly as listed. Error(s) in changing the DNS will cause the site to go down until fixed.
The IP address and CNAME do not directly resolve in a URL bar. This is because it goes through our backend security platform.

DNS Changes using Blackbaud DNS Toolbox


  • Log into with the same User ID and Password used to login to the ON Products. (If you do not have access to the DNS Toolbox and need to obtain access, refer to How do I get access to the DNS Toolbox?)
  • Make sure "DNS" is selected on the left-side toolbar. Look for your school's website and click the "Details" button next to it
  • In the top right-hand corner, click the "Create Record" button
    • Add your subdomain's name to the first empty box so the site URL matches the one you created in onMessage (for example
    • Make sure "Type" is set to CNAME - Canonical Name (this is the preset). Set TTL to 1 hour
    • In the large white dialog box, enter the address of your school's website so it follows this format:
    • Click Save
  • You will be redirected to the DNS page. You should see your new site listed with the label "Pending" and an orange button "Undo Pending Create." If you are ready to publish your site, click the orange "Publish" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • It will take a while for your site to actually go live (the time is determined by the TTL that you this case, 1 hour). If you want to check or share your website while you are waiting for it to go live, you use  the "staging" URL found in onMessage > Site Settings
  • ** You shouldn't need to configure the root domain record. It should have been set correctly when your DNS zone was imported. If you have questions about it you can contact support.


How to Create an onMessage Site and Prepare for Launch

If you are looking for instructions on creating a site in onMessage, please see article: How to Create an onMessage Site and Prepare for Launch.

To contact K-12 Support: How do I submit a support ticket for K-12 Support?