The User or Smart Group Member will still show as listed in the Smart Group if they still have Criteria which is placing them in that group.

For example if you have a Deceased Parent but did not remove the Relationship for their children and they are a member of a Smart Group for Student Grad year is 2017 they will still show because they have that relationship and the list is pulling the Criteria of Student Grad year is 2017. To see what criteria is being used navigate to:
  1. Extracurricular > Community Groups > Group Management
  2. Community Group Pages
  3. Using the filter options, search for the community group
  4. Click on the community group name
  5. Click the Roster tab
  6. Click Manage
  7. Under Member Details click Edit Smart Group List, this will display the Criteria used to pull in the Smart Group Members.
Because the email icon is not listed next to the decease users name, they are not receiving any communications from that Community Group, rather they are only listed in the group itself.

Once the criteria is removed which breaks the link to the Smart Group connection and the Smart Group List is refreshed ( see Why is a Parent of Alumni still showing in the Parents community group?) then the will no longer appear within that Smart Group itself.