To add an image, a Page Manager or Content Manager can go to:
  1. onMessage persona
  2. Content
  3. Uploads (misc)
  4. Add
  5. Select the appropriate file type (i.e. JPG), select a title, and select the image from your computer
  6. Save & exit
  7. Copy the file path (i.e /ftpimages/236/misc/misc_118392.jpg)
  8. Put your school's app login before the file path in Word or Notepad so you have this saved for later (
Now a Registration Manager will go to:
  1. onMessage persona
  2. Approval
  3. Event Registration
  4. Edit the appropriate form
  5. On the General Info page, scroll down to the Description box and click html User-added image
  6. Within the html section, paste in the code 
    <img src="" alt="nameofphoto" />
  7. Update
  8. Save