To add an image, the Content Manager or Page Manager must first add the image:
  1. Navigate to onMessage Content > Uploads (misc)
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Select the appropriate file type (i.e., JPG)
  4. Enter a title for your image in the Description field
  5. Click 'Choose File' to select the image from your computer
  6. Click Save & Exit
  7. Copy the text to the right of 'File path to link this file:' (i.e., /ftpimages/236/misc/misc_149240.jpg)
  8. Put your school's app login before the file path in Word or Notepad so you have this saved for later (i.e.,
Next, the Registration Manager must perform the following to include the image in the form:
  1. Navigate to onMessage > Approval > Event Registration
  2. Click Edit for the desired form
  3. On the General Info page, scroll down to the Description box and click HTML User-added image
  4. Within the HTML section, paste in the path you copied and add <img src=" in front of the 'https://' and add "> at the end of the path so it appears like the example below:
<img src="">​
  1. Click Update
  2. Click Save