Note: To approve a Denied Course Request for a incoming Student, first the Student needed to have the Minimum # of requests fulfilled. 

Once they have the minimum # of requests navigate to:

  1. onRecord > Approval > Course Requests
  2. Enrollment Worklist 
  3. Set the following search criteria:
  4. Status: Awaiting Approval or Awaiting Enrollment
  5. Grade: Incoming Student
  6. Click Approve
  7. Deselect the denied Course Request and select the Courses that are Approved if applicable
  8. Click Save & Exit
To approve denied course requests for Students, navigate to:
  1. onRecord > People Finder
  2. From the second drop down, select Course Requests
  3. Start typing in the student's name and click on it when it shows up
  4. Scroll down to the student's denied course requests and click on the button that says Approve:
User-added image
The course will then move up to one of the available Course spots.