Blocks that are in use with historical data cannot be deleted; instead, use inline editing to change the status to inactive.

If you have blocks that do not have historical data tied to them but you would like to remove them and not just make them inactive there are 2 places to remove blocks that are tied to items.

 Navigate to:
  • Academics > Schedule > Schedule Outline > Schedule Sets 
  1. Click Edit into a Schedule Set
  2. Click the Rotation Tab
  3. If you see the block name listed here you will need to select something else or change it to blank.
  • Academics > Schedules > Requests and Schedules > Click Set Section Information 
  1. Select the Year in the dropdown
  2. Select the School Level
  3. Click the Editing Pencil next to any Block name that you would like to remove (IE  A, B, C) and change it to not set

After you ensure both of these steps have been completed now you should be able to navigate to:

Academics > Schedules > Schedule Outline > Blocks 
  1. Select the School Level you are working with from the dropdown
  2. Select the red X to delete the block