The scheduling rule is similar to Tied Courses; courses that share the same resources within the same term - the same room, block and teacher would be an example of a tied course. A common example would be Art classes where Art 1, Art 2, and Art 3 are taught by the same teacher in the same room at the same time.

Art 1 should be tied to Art 2 and Art 3 and not vice versa

Create the Rule

  1. Go to Academics 
  2. Scheduling > Click Schedule Outline 
  3. Click Schedule Rules
  4. Click Add Rule 
  5. Enter the preferred name for the rule
  6. Select Active for the Status 
  7. Select Same for "Courses should be in ____ terms" 
  8. Mark the preferred option "either create class schedule" or "creating class schedule and enrolling students in class"  
  9. Select Same and teacher for "Course should have" Section
  10. Click Add another rule criteria 
  11. Select Same and Room
  12. Click Ad another rule criteria
  13. Select Same and Block
  14. Click Save 

Add the Scheduling Rule to the Preferred Course:

  1. Go to Academics
  2. Scheduling > Click Request and Schedule 
  3. Click Departments & Courses 
  4. Expand the preferred department > Click the pencil icon to edit the preferred course
  5. Click Scheduling Rules 
  6. Click Add Another Rule
  7. Select the Rule > Choose the other course that should also following this rule as well