How to find the Contract Returned number of Newly Accepted Candidates on the Contract Summary Totals report

The Contract Summary Totals report is broken up into 2 sections, Re-Enrollment and Newly Accepted Candidates.  To find the breakout details for the Contract Returned Newly Accepted Candidates numbers a work list can be used.
  1. In onBoard, go to Work List
  2. Create a New Work List and give it a name
  3. Add the following Criteria to the work list:
    • Entering Year: [Same year as report]
    • Entering Grade: [Enter Desired Grade Level]
    • Contracts: Select All

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In onBoard, go to Reports
  2. Run the Contract Summary Totals report
  3. The Newly Accepted Candidates numbers for Contract Returned does not show any details.



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