Error: No students have been assigned to this contract.

Note: As of July 9, 2018, Blackbaud's School Management solutions (which include Core, onBoard, onCampus, onMessage, and onRecord) are utilizing a new top level navigation. This primarily affects users performing administrative tasks-constituent navigation for most parents, students, faculty, and alumni will remain the same.  
We appreciate your patience as we work to update our documentation. If you are seeing this message, the content of this solution is still being vetted for possible updates. Please refer to this mapping document if you need assistance finding a task in the new navigation.

When generating contracts an error message may occur when:
  • The candidate's entering year does not match the Contract
  • When a Student is missing an enrollment for the year
  • The contracts have not yet been assigned to students/candidates

If the contract has been assigned to a candidate and the entering year is incorrect, see: Removing or Changing an Entering Year

If the Contract has been assigned to a student, see How do I add future enrollment rows to a students enrollment?

If the contract hasn't been assigned to a student/candidate, see: How can I assign a Contract to a User?



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