How to take payment for a contract after the contract is completed by the parent.

The Contract Forms are able to take deposit payments online using a credit card.  If a parent makes arrangements to pay the deposit after completing the form some adjustments to the form will need to be made for the student.
  1. In onBoard, use the People Finder to find the record for the desired student
  2. On the Contracts tab, click the pencil icon to edit the contract
  3. Edit the Deposit Amount Due field and enter $0.00
  4. Edit the Amount Due field and enter the amount of the deposit removed from the Deposit Amount Due section

When the contract is reviewed it will now skip the payment section because the payment has been satisfied. When the payment does come into the school the amount will need to be entered into the Amount Paid section. The Deposit Received Amount and Deposit Amount Due fields will be grayed out since those are based on values from the form.



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