How to report on Deposit Received Amount and Amount Paid fields in contracts.

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Deposit amount can be tracked in two fields in contracts. The contract will use the Deposit Amount Due and Deposit Received Amount fields when the fee is taken during the contract review. If the payment is waived or an agreement was made to pay after finishing the contract the fees will need to be recorded in the Amount Due and Amount Paid fields. A list can be used to report on all deposit information regardless of where it was entered.
  1. In onBoard, Lists
  2. Click to Add a new Advanced List and add the following information:
  3. Select Objects:
    • Constituent Information/User Base
    • Admission/Contract
  4. Display Fields:
    • User Base.First Name
    • User Base.Last Name
    • Contract.Amount Paid
    • Contract.Deposit Amt Rec
    • Contract.Contract Type ID
  5. Filters:
    • Contract.Contract Type ID
Run the list without a filter to find the Contract.Contract Type ID first. Once this number is found it can be used as a filter to slim the results. This list will show the values returned in both of the areas where payments are tracked.



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