Why does a Static Query take longer to complete?

When trying to run a report with a static query or trying to save a query that is set to Static as the type, the system is unable to complete the request.

The difference between a Dynamic and Static query is that a Dynamic query is always updating when accounts or journal entries are added to the system and meets the query's criteria whereas a Static query is trying to preserve the information in the query at the moment the query is saved.  To accomplish this, the Static query will need to lock the system so it is able to preserve the info as it is.  This can even prevent other users from accessing the database as the system is trying to save the query.
Please contact support and provide the Article ID for reference to your issue.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into eTapestry
2. Click the Queries menu
3. Click a category to create a new query in
4. Under Tasks, click New Query
5. Name the query
6. Select the data return type and query criteria needed
7. Under Type, select Static
8. Click Save And View Queries

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