The same solicitor is added to a payment multiple times.

If the same solicitor is listed as the current and prior solicitor on a prospect plan, the solicitor is added to payments multiple times when the payment is linked to an opportunity associated with the prospect plan. 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

  1.        Log into CRM and navigate to the constituent functional area.
  2.        Select the ‘Constituent search’ task and search for any constituent that has a prospect constituency.
  3.        Open the constituent’s record.
  4.        Select the Prospect tab.
  5.        Select the Plans tab.
  6.        Click Add to add a new prospect plan and select ‘Add Major Giving Plan.’
  7.         Populate the ‘Plan name’, ‘Plan type’ and ‘Start date’ fields.
  8.        Click the binoculars next to the ‘Secondary solicitors’ field and search for any fundraiser.
  9.        Enter the fundraiser/solicitor’s role and start date, preferably the same date as the prospect plan start date.
  10.    Save your prospect plan. 
  11.    Go to the prospect plan.
  12.    Select the ‘Solicitors and Participants’ tab.
  13.    Add an end date for the current solicitor (the solicitor’s start date and end date must both be in the past).
  14.    Add the same solicitor back to the prospect plan as the current solicitor.
  15.    Select the Opportunities tab.
  16.    Add an opportunity with the status of Accepted, any ask amount, and an ask date that aligns with the start date of the prospect plan.
  17.    Navigate to the Prospect’s constituent record.
  18.    Click ‘Add payment’ from the tasks menu on the left.
  19.    Enter any payment amount.
  20.    Select the opportunity that was just created from the Opportunity drop-down menu.
  21.    Save and close the payment.
  22.    Notice the same solicitor is listed twice. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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