The adjustment fields on a payment record are enabled when making a change to the posted payment that does not trigger a GL reversal.

In CRM 3.0 and prior versions, the adjustment fields on posted transactions were only enabled when a change was made that would trigger a GL reversal (Constituent, Designation, Revenue Category, Payment method, Payment method subtypes, Application, Amount, Benefits, Events, and Membership Levels). In CRM 4.0 users may notice that the adjustment fields are enabled when any change is made to the posted payment (i.e. when changing the appeal).  
Appeal is an available GL segment. Prior to 4.0, changing the appeal would not trigger an adjustment, which was a bug. Because GL can be mapped based on appeal, the accounts may need to change.

Some environments presumably do not have GL mapped to appeals, so the adjustments are unnecessary for them specifically. However, no elements of the edit posted payment form are "smart" enough to enable or disable adjustment fields based on the current client's GL setup. They simply require adjustments for all fields that could potentially affect GL in any configuration.

Steps to Duplicate

Locate a posted transaction:
  1. Log into CRM and navigate to the Analysis functional area.
  2. Select ‘Information library.’
  3. Click ‘Add an ad-hoc query’ and select the Revenue query source view.
  4. Add the following criteria to the query.
GL post status is equal to Posted
And GL post date is this calendar year
  1. Select the Preview Results tab.
  2. Select Browser from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Browse the results of the query from the Revenue Transaction screen.
  4. Open any of the revenue records that were returned by the query.
Edit the posted transaction:
  1. Once the record is opened, select ‘Edit posted payment’ from the Tasks menu on the left.
  2. Select the Marketing tab on the payment, and change the appeal.
  3. Notice the adjustment fields (Adjustment date, Adjustment post date, Adjustment reason, and Adjustment details) are now enabled. This is different from what we saw in 3.0 and prior versions of CRM. In prior versions the adjustment fields were only enabled when making a change that would trigger a GL reversal. 


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