Experiencing prolonged login processing times when a BBIS User is linked with a BBECRM constituent record

When attempting to login to BBIS with a User record that is linked with a BBECRM record, the login process takes a prolonged period of time to complete when compared to an account that is not linked to a record.

When you have enabled the option to update user role on login, additional time is needed to complete the login process due to the refreshing of the user's role at the time of login.  

You can disable this option by entering -1 into the "update user role" box found in Administration > Sites & Settings > General > General settings > update user role.  If disabling this option, also check the Schedules tab and set an acceptable frequency for the scheduled Role Refresh task.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In BBIS, login with a User record that is linked to a CRM record
  2. Note the extended timeframe for it to process/login

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