1. Navigate to School Website Events > Calendar Events
  2. Select the Event Category the Event is listed in
There are two ways you can delete an Event that is part of a series. You can delete just the one event or within the series of Events.

Delete the single event:
If the Event is listed and the recurring event icon (User-added image) is not highlighted in yellow, it is not part of a recurring event; therefore, clicking the trashcan icon will delete just the one event. A confirmation message will appear indicating it will be permanently deleted. If the event is shared with any other event category, those will be identified.

Delete the Event series:
If the Event was part of a recurring event series, it is indicated by the recurring event icon highlighted in yellow:
User-added image
  1. Click the trashcan icon - the Delete event confirmation message window displays giving the option to Apply to selected event or Apply to entire series:
User-added image

If you select Apply to selected event, only the one event will be removed.
If you select Apply to entire series all of the events in the series will be removed.