Scheduled Queue disabled from the application continues to run during the scheduled time anyway

Queues can be set to run on a schedule automatically.  This scheduled job can also be disabled without deleting the job because you might want to re-enable it again.  In this case, disabling the job schedule does not stop the job from running at the scheduled time.

We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

We've identified two causes of this issue that can be addressed without a code-fix:

  • The Queue or business process in question is actually nested within another queue that is also running that process.  (i.e., the disabling of the schedule actually is working correctly, and the queue was being invoked as a step within another queue)  Evaluate whether or not this queue should be running while nested as a step of the other queue, and handle appropriately. 
  • A SQL server failover or database migration can result in two copies of the SQL Server Agent job both running.  Disabling the old SQL Server Agent will prevent further running in that scenario.  

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Administration functional area
  2. Select Queue or create a Queue that runs on a weekly schedule
  3. Go to the Job Schedules tab of the Queue
  4. Edit the schedule
  5. Uncheck the box that says Enabled
  6. Save
  7. Observe that Schedule enabled says “No”
  8. Observe job runs at scheduled time anyway


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