eTapestry automatically adds a new restriction when six failures occur within the past hour for any single IP address. The effective date should be set for one hour from the current date/time. If a restriction already exists for the given IP address and isn't active (i.e. is disabled or the effective date is old), it will be activated with a one hour restriction.

Users can manually restrict particular IP addresses from attempting to donate on their pages as well. If you know an IP address you would like to restrict, follow these steps:
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Click Management
  3. Click My Organization
  4. Click the eCommerce tab from under the main account header
  5. Click Manage IP Address Restrictions from under Links
  6. On this page you can see any active restrictions, enable or disable them based on your needs
  7. Click New Restriction from under Tasks
  8. Fill in the Address, any Comments, and specify when you would like to restrict this IP address
  9. Click Save
The Blackbaud Merchant Services Fraud Management service can also help protect you from fraudulent activity on your donation pages as well. You can find out more about that program in the article What is Fraud Management in Blackbaud Merchant Services?