Create a Course: 
  1. Log in to The Education Edge
  2. Choose the Registrar's Office module
  3. Click Configuration > Academic Years
  4. Double click on the current existing academic year. Or create a new academic year (if necessary).
  5. Double click on existing session. Or create a new session (if necessary). 
  6. Click the Terms tab. Verify that today's date falls within the specific term. If not, the dates may need to be adjusted for the terms. Or wait until the date falls within the specific term. 
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Save and Close
  9. Click Records > Courses
  10. Create a Course record

Create Schedule for Course:
  1. Log in to The Education Edge
  2. Click Scheduling
  3. Click Create Classes. Run the process to automatically create classes (if necessary).
  4. Click Open a Class
  5. Search and open the specified class
  6. Click Meetings tab
  7. Click New Meeting. Create a new meeting time (if necessary).
  8. Enter a Teacher for the class 
  9. Click OK 
  10. Click Save and Close

Create the Class Page: 
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity site as the teacher 
  2. Navigate to a page with the Campus Page Manager part on it
  3. Click Create a Class Page link. If this link is missing, please follow these steps
  4. Choose the class. If the specific class is not shown for the teacher, the course will need to be updated in The Education Edge
  5. Enter a page name
  6. Select a page template. If there is not a template to choose from, a template must be created. 
  7. Mark the checkbox for Publish it Now
​​Note: This checkbox will need to be marked before students can see the page. 
  1. Click Create
  2. Edit any parts on the page that are needed.

Once the page has been created, if the page cannot be seen by students please follow the steps listed here.