When adding a new Spouse/Partner through Profile Updates the existing Spouse/Partner in a household remains

A Constituent record exists in BBECRM and has a Household with a linked Spouse/Partner Relationship. The Constituent creates a Profile Update in BBIS to remove their previous Spouse/Partner to add their new one.
When the batch update is created, a new relationship is generated for the new Spouse/Partner record, but the previous Spouse/Partner remains and keeps the recognition credits they had assigned originally. 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Constituent logs into their BBIS User account and submits a Profile Update for "Spouse/Partner Information"
  2. In BBECRM, after downloading the Profile Update transaction a new Batch is generated the new Spouse/Partner information is added as a new individual/constituent record to be the new Spouse/Partner record: 
Profile Update Batch Settings 
  1. Commit the Batch
  2. Go to the Constituent record for the Head of household that updated their Spouse/Partner information
  3. Go to the Relationship tab
  4. View the new Relationship is added for the new Spouse/Partner record
  5. Edit the Relationship for the Spouse/Partner-Prior Spouse
  6. Note that the Recognition credits are still applied for this individual.


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