Soft credits on gifts are not deleted when Constituent record is deleted

Soft credits remain after a constituent record is deleted.  This occurs after the constituent record is deleted by opening a relationship record for the constituent and going to Relationship > Break Link with [constituent name] >  Break link AND delete constituent record for this relationship.  

After accessing the gift record the soft credits remain on, the following error may also occur.
Error: The specified soft credit recipient must also be a constituent.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Open a constituent record that has a constituent spouse linked to the record.  If in sample, Robert Hernandez should work.  To check, open the record and click the Spouse button.  Wendy should be listed as a spouse.  If she is not a constituent, go to Relationship, Add this individual as a Constituent.
2.  Go to the Gifts tab.  Open the most recent and gift and go to the Soft Credit tab.  If the spouse is not already listed, add them as a soft credit.  Save and close the gift.
3.  Re-open the Spouse record by clicking the Spouse button.
4.  Go to Relationship > Break Link > Break link and delete constituent record.
5.  The constituent record will be deleted.  To check, try searching for the record through Quick Find.  Records > Constituent > Quick Find.  
The spouse name still shows on the spouse field.  This should be removed.
Check the gift record from Step 2.  The constituent is still listed as soft credit even though the constituent record has been deleted.


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