Before beginning, ensure you have a paper or electronic copy of the original contract as well as all deposit and contract information needed to recreate the contract. Deposit and contract information can be found by selecting the Edit pencil icon on the Contracts tab.

First, we are going to want to delete the users current submitted Contract by navigating to:

  1. onBoard > People Finder > Search the User
  2. Click the Contracts tab
  3. Click the X to remove the contract

Then navigate to:

  1. Core > User/Access > Profile
  2. Select Edit User Profile Data
  3. Search the User
  4. Scroll down to System Information, and click Student Enrollment
  5. Click Edit next to the School Year to change the grade level for the School Year we just removed the Contract from

After you change that, you are going to assign the user a new contract and generate it.

To Assign the user a contract navigate to:

  1. onBoard > People Finder > Search the User
  2. Click the Contracts Tab
  3. Click Add Contract
  4. Select the Contract to be added to the user
To Generate the Contract navigate to:
  1. onBoard > Settings > Contract Forms
  2. Edit the Contract Form you are working with
  3. Click Generate Contracts
Note: Make sure to fill out the deposit information after you generate the Contract so they will not be prompted to pay the deposit again. To do this, after you generate the contract, go back and edit the Users contract via
  1. onBoard > People Finder > Search for the User
  2. Click the Contracts Tab
  3. Click the Editing Pencil
  4. Fill in Deposit Received Date and Deposit Received Amount (and Date Returned if you do not want the Parents to have to sign/submit the contract again). However, ensure you have the original contract via a Paper or Electronic Copy for legal purposes) then click Save
  5. If you do not input a Date Returned as stated above, then the parents will also need to go in and sign/submit the contract again