There isn't a way to filter on emails sent within a specific timeframe, however, by following the steps below you can obtain a list of all messages that were sent and it will include the "Send Started Date" and "Send Ended Date." These columns of data can be sorted respectively in Excel to give you the information that you need.
  1. In Luminate Online go to Data Management > Reports
  2. Click the Report Writer tab
  3. Click Create a New Report
  4. in the Report Selection drop down select Email
  5. Under Available Reports select Messages
  6. Click Next
  7. Chose which columns you would like included in your report then click next
  8. Click 5. Configure Filters
  9. For the Email Campaign Filter click Edit
  10. Click more...
  11. Mark the campaigns that contains the messages you would like to report on then click Apply at the bottom of the page
  12. Unmark Edit at run-time then click Save this filter
  13. Click Create a filter
  14. In the first drop down select Email Message
  15. Click more...
  16. Mark the messages you would like to report on then click Apply at the bottom of the page
  17. Click Add this filter
  18. Click next
  19. Name your report then click next
  20. Click Save Report
  21. Find your report in the list and click Run Report
  22. Click e. Review Criteria Summary then click Run Report
  23. When the report completes click the blue disk icon under the Report results tab and save the report to your computer as a CSV file
  24. Open the CSV file with Excel
  25. Sort the Send Started Date column by date
  26. Delete all rows that fall before and after the date of interest
At this time, the file should only contain messages that were sent within the desired date range.