UK:REV\Changing application on tax claimed gift from pre-April 2011 generates a gift aid refund

If you change the application on a recurring gift payment to a single donation on an old payment record that's already had gift claimed on it i.e. has a tax claim number then a gift aid refund is automatically generated when it shouldn't be.

This is only happening on records that are dated before April 2011 which are outside the 4 year eligibilty window for claiming gift aid but changing the application shouldn't trigger a refund to HMRC anyway.
We are currently evaluating this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

Replicated on a local copy of client data.

UK Product Flag must be set on the install.

1. Go to Revenue functional area and click Transaction search
2. Search for a revenue record that's dated prior to 6th April 2011 with a post status of Do not post and has had gift aid claimed on it. It should also be an RG payment
3. Click Edit payment from the Tasks menu
4. On the edit payment form:

- Highlight the current application and click Remove to delte it
- In the designation field enter the same designation as before
- Click Save

5. On Save the error below occurs which relates to Bug #453053


Data could not be saved. 
The conflict occurred in database "XXXXX", table "dbo.FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM", column 'ID'.

Workaround for the above error:

This issue can be worked around by changing the record from Do Not Post to Not Posted, saving, making the application change, saving, then changing the record back from Not Posted to Do Not Post.

6. Edit the payment and change the post status from 'Do not post' to 'Not posted' as per the workaround, to do this go to the Transaction details tab on the edit form
7. Now repeat step 4. above to remove the current application and add the new one.
8. Notice the revenue record not shows as 'Not qualified' and if you go to the Gift Aid refunds tab you'll see a refund has been generated when it shouldn't be.



 Internet Explorer
 Windows 7 (64-bit)
 SQL Server 2008 R2
 Blackbaud CRM

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