When registrants are added to an event using the Event Registrant Basic batch template, a guest is automatically linked to the registrant if the registrant’s status is “Registered(Will not attend).”

CRM users may utilize the Event Registrant Basic batch template to add multiple registrants to an event at once.  Users may notice that a guest registration is automatically created for any registrants added with a status of “Registered (Will not attend).”
BBCRM assumes that if you enter a registrant with the status of 'Registered (Will Not Attend)' that they are paying for a guest to come and automatically adds the guest record.  If you do not want the guest record to be added please take one of the following steps.
  1. Add the registrant in batch with a status of 'Registered.'  After committing the batch open the registrant and change the status to 'Registered (Will Not Attend).'
  2. Select the guest field within the batch and select the registrant record.

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