Code fixes and enhancements are documented in release notes, the link to which is emailed to Blackbaud's primary contacts at the school. The link will always provide users with a manager role to have access to the most current release documentation. To access the page without the link and to review archived release notes and hot fix documentation:
  1. Log into the Blackbaud app
  2. Select a manager role persona, i.e., Academic, Core
  3. Click the Help icon (question mark) to the right of the persona dropdown
  4. Click the Knowledgebase link in the task bar at the bottom of the Help flyout
  5. Within the Featured Items region on the right side of the screen, there are two menu items: Hot Fixes and Release Notes
  6. Click on the link for the desired documentation and the most current information is returned
NOTE: Hot Fixes are released once a week and Releases are monthly, most typically on Wednesdays.
  1. To access archived fix and release documentation, click on the corresponding link in the bar at the bottom of the screen, or search on "archive"