Attendance types are missing from the Attendance Information list in default payment options for the bank

When working in a Payroll Bank, it's possible to include attendance information on an employee's check stub. In this scenario, the attendance types listed in the Attendance Information section within Edit Payment Options in the Bank do not match the attendance types listed in Configuration > Attendance Types.
1. Go to Configuration > Attendance types
2. Add a new Attendance type (named test)
3. Go back to Banks > Edit account Details > all attendance types show to be selected.

If the above does not resolve the problem, a copy of your database may be needed to resolve this.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Payroll > Banks > Payroll Bank > Edit Account Details
2. Click the payments tab
3. Highlight the row for Payroll EFT Check and click edit payment options
4. Click attendance information. Note that only 5 attendance types are listed.
5. Cancel out of the format options and close the bank account details.
6. Go to Configuration > Attendance Types 
7. Note that there are more than five attendance types listed


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