1. In The Raiser's Edge:
    • Go to Records > Events and open the desired event record
    • Click on the Prices tab
    • Enter event pricing on the tab setting Gift Amount and Receipt Amount to $0.00 for each unit
    • Click Save and Close
  2. Then in The Raiser's Edge, click on Online Express in the left menu.
  3. Click on Events at the top.
  4. Click Create a form to start a new form, or find an existing form and click Edit on the far right.
  5. Within the form set-up on the Get started tab, scroll towards the bottom:
    • Add a fund if this is a new form as it's required.
    • Unmark payment methods of Credit Card and Direct Debit.
    • Mark Bill Me Later.
    • Click Save & continue to proceed with form creation. If editing an existing form, click Save and then click on the 3. Extras tab.
  6. On the 3. Extras tab:
    • Unmark Allow registrants to make additional donations.
    • Scroll down to How do you want to display free events?
      • Mark Hide price column to not show prices at all.
      • OR Unmark Hide price column to show prices of $0.00. You can also mark Display text for free prices to show FREE or other text for the price.
  7. Click Save & continue if creating a new form to complete its set-up. If editing an existing form, click Save and then another tab to make further edits, followed by Save & close when done.

For additional information on setting up event forms in Online Express, refer to How to create an event form in Online Express (includes video demos).