Documents linked to CMS pages can be found in the Document Library in Luminate Online.  To upload a revised file to the Document Library, switch over to Luminate Online and follow the instructions below:

1. Library> Document Library

2. On the Document List page in Search for the existing document, click the Name link of the document to revise. The Document Information page opens.

3. Click Create a new version. The Document Version Information page opens.

4. In the Document Version Information page:
-For Version Name, type information that suggests the reason you created this version or that distinguishes it from other versions may help administrators recognize the content or changes in this document (for example, V2 With Link to Annual Report).

-For Description, type information to help identify the content or differences in this version of a file.

5. Click Browse to Find and Open the file on your computer or a shared network resource.

6. Click Save. The system saves your changes.

7. Click Make Active in the Actions column. The new version becomes Active and page links are automatically refreshed to point to the uploaded revised file.