By default, there is not a way to hide the Company List Page link.  However, through the use of custom CSS code, you can hide the Company List Page link by entering the appropriate code into the greeting page of the event or the pagewrapper(for all events using this wrapper).

Please note that the following solution is not supported; therefore, CSS knowledge is required before making any changes.   If you are not familiar with CSS, please have a web developer make this change for you.  You can also request a scope to have our Blackbaud Professional Services team to make this change for you.  Please contact support if you wish to proceed with the latter.  

Enter the following code into the HTML box of the greeting page or the pagewrapper (for all events using this wrapper).  Alternatively, you can also update the EditCustomStyle.css file found under the Page Wrapper Editor homepage for all events.

<!--Hide 'Company List Page' Link--->
<style type="text/css">
#company_page_container {
display: none !important;
<!--End 'Company List Page' Link--->