When it comes to Email content, here are some tips to avoid messages being marked as spam:
  • Avoid spam keywords such as: Cash, Degree, Lottery, Diet, Foreclosure, Debt, Money, Sex, Free.
  • Avoid these phrases: reverse aging, compare rates, free installation, auto email removal, free, online pharmacy, get paid.
  • Do not write in all caps, especially in the subject line.
  • Do not use excessive punctuation (!!!!!!!, ???!).
  • Do not replace words with symbols (C@$H 4 Clunk3r5).
  • Do not paste your email from MS Word. Using a proper HTML editor is recommended.
  • Avoid CSS styles and only use inline styles.
  • Try to use the recipients' names in the emails - personalize them.
  • Never use Javascript in an email.
A built-in Spam check report feature is available in Luminate on step 6. Send Review Email from within the message setup. You can also run your email through an external email spam filter that can be found in Google searches. Some recommendations are Spam Assassin and ISnotSPAM. These free online resources are not supported or affiliated with Blackbaud, but are extremely useful.

There are other reasons why your emails could be sent to the Spam folder by various Email Service Providers. Here are some other measures you can take besides the content of your emails:
  • Sending emails to constituents that didn't explicitly opt-in from a page in Luminate (Survey, Donation Form, TeamRaiser Registration, etc.) will increase the risk of spam complaints.
  • Make sure that the Unsubscribe link is easy to see. If recipient can't easily see this link, they may decide to mark it as spam to prevent future deliveries to their address.
  • If you see the following error message when sending an email from Luminate: "Error: Sender ID/Sender Policy Framework: The domain name in the From address you used for this email is not configured to identify Convio as an authorized sender. Doing so is essential to ensure your email is not mistaken for spam." Make sure that your sender domain contains a valid SPF record in your DNS server. This document should be given to whoever manages the DNS server for your sending domain. This is never Blackbaud. If you don't see this error in Luminate, then you have nothing to worry about in this regard.
  • The most important thing you can do to avoid spam complaints is to choose a good Email Audience. What are some best practices around choosing my Email Audience?