Revenue amounts do not match General Ledger amounts when selling stock

After stock is received in the system as a payment it can subsequently be sold for a gain or loss.  Sometimes when after selling stock for specific amounts you may notice that underlying General Ledger amounts and the revenue amounts shown are the stock sale are off by a penny.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Revenue, Add a Payment
2. Choose any Constituent
3. Enter the amount: 49,755.74
4. Choose Donation as the application type and apply this to any Designation
5. Choose the Payment Method of Stock
6. Use the median price of 24.1650
7. Enter number of units of 2059.000
A message will be shown that says the amount doesn't equal the unit multiplied by the unit price, when in fact it does given the amount of decimal precision allowed for median price.  In other words, it's as close as it possibly can be.
8. So Click OK, then Save
9. On the Payment Choose Sell Stock
10. For Sale amount use 50343.75
11. For Fees use 103.88
12. For units use 2059.000
13. For Median Price use 24.1650 Click Save.. Same message as before.
14. Click Ok, then click Save
15. On the resulting record, select the Stock Sales tab
16. Note that the Gain/Loss is 588.02
17. Select the GL Distributions tab, The Line for Gains is shown as 588.01


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