Why Doesn't The MIP Export Include Purchases?

The eStore module is designed to sell items.  If the item being sold is fully non-deductible, then it creates a Purchase entry within the database. If you create a query that contains Purchase entries, then run the query through the MIP Export, it will not export those entries.
The MIP Export has never exported Purchase journal entries. You must export the Purchase transactions separately and either add them to your MIP file or add them manually into MIP.

Steps to Duplicate

First, create a query to pull purchase entries:
  1. Click the Main tab
  2. Click Query on the gray bar below the tabs
  3. Select a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base)
  4. Click New Query under the Tasks menu
  5. Name the query All Purchases
  6. For Starting Criteria, choose Category: Base  Query: All Constituents- A
  7. Set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  8. Select All of My Criteria under MATCH
  9. Select Commonly Used Fields from the Available Fields drop down box
  10. Select Journal Entry Types from the list of links
  11. Check Purchases
  12. Click Save And - Preview
Second, run this through the MIP Export
  1. Click Management on the menu bar
  2. Click Standard Exports
  3. Click the MIP Export on the right side
  4. Set the Category to the one you built the query in
  5. Set the Query to All Purchases - JE
  6. Fill in the Session ID, Document Number, Description, and Effective Date as needed
  7. Set the Report Format to TXT File - Download
  8. Click Submit



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